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Włochy 2023

A group of our students spent a week in Italy from 9 through 16 November.

We were kindly invited to stay in host families. Apart from warm welcome and wonderful atmosphere we could also experience great food and exciting visits to few Italian cities.

We saw Adria, Verona, Venice, some of us visited Padova or Bologna. We went to the seaside, too.

One of the participants said:

„We spent a week in Italy, in a town near Venice, called Adria. We visited many historic places around Adria and we also visited Verona and Venice. In between sightseeing museums and theatres we had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Adria. The best thing about the exchange was the opportunity to explore a new culture from the inside. Our hosts made plans for most of the days so we could experience how people actually live instead of getting tourists treatment. We could get more fluent in English, but also we learned  a few words and expressions in Italian”

Look where we were:




Adria and school: