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TEDxCLV High School 2023

On the 13th of December, our school successfully hosted the very first TEDxCLV High School event, marking a significant milestone for our institution. We are filled with hope and anticipation for the future, as we believe this is just the beginning of a series of TEDx events to be hosted by CLV High School.

Big thanks to the main organizer and co-host, Maja Estkowska, whose exceptional leadership served as the brain and heart behind this event, making it the success that it was.

Also, our gratitude goes to Helena Góralczyk, the co-host and Director for Human Resources, whose engagement resulted in securing wonderful speakers such as Olga LeonowiczAndrea Gardner, and Justyna Giezynska.

Lastly, special thanks are due to the heroes behind the scenes – the team of wonderful students whose countless hours of hard work and determination made this event possible:

Zofia Tarłowska – Head of Academics
Helena Ochotny – Deputy Director for Human Resources
Ina Kaczmarczyk – Director for Design
Dominika Piłat – Head of Social Media
Bartek Oberle – Main Technician
Gabriela Grygiel – Tech Assistant
Michał Ząbek – Tech Assistant
Damian Kołodziejski – Tech Assistant
Igor Śmiałowski – Tech Assistant, Video Production
Sonia Nycz – Video Production
Miłosz Bętkowski – Photographer
Helena Górka – Photographer
Maja Pitera – Head of Volunteers
Marysia Książek – Volunteer
Antonina Gierowska – Volunteer
Aleksandra Plewczyńska – Volunteer
Basia Ambrozik – Volunteer
Gabriela Brych – Volunteer
Margaret Hottop – Volunteer

THANK YOU! We are truly proud of you!