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WordEd: Workshop Learning Contents

1. November 19th – Workshop

·  Introduction to Sustainable Consumption Workshop Objectives & Format

·  Overview of the workshop’s goals, emphasizing the importance of sustainable consumption.

·  Group Division: Organize students into groups, ensuring diversity for global


December 10th – Proposal Submission

Workshop teams submit their Workshop Project proposal, including Introduction, Problem Statement & Impact, Methodology, Objectives, Preliminary Solutions, Possible Limitations, and Conclusion. A minimum of two pages.

2. January 21st (Collaboration with GGR)- Workshop

·  Collaboration with GGR: Girls from the Girls Global Ready Program will give a 15- minute presentation on their chosen theme related to sustainable consumption and human rights.

·  Sharing of Ideas: Students should exchange ideas, challenges, and potential solutions related to the GGR presentation.

3. February 25th (Collaboration with GGR) – Workshop

·  Collaboration with GGR: Girls from GGR will mentor and guide student teams in creating sustainable solution projects based on GGR themes.

·  Group presentations: Each group should present their findings and initial ideas regarding the projects.

·  Space for suggestions: Open the floor for suggestions and feedback from other groups.

4. March 24th – Workshop

·  Keynote speaker, Nathalie Atieh, will provide insights and guidance on project development.

·  Teams present their finalized action plans.

·  Question and answer session: Allow for questions and discussions to help students

clarify and refine their plans.

5. April 28th – Workshop

·  Teams provide an update on the progress of their action plans, including successes and challenges.

·  Evaluation of the project proposal and the final project.

·  Advise teams to submit a video and presentation of their projects on June 5th.

·  And on June 23rd prepare final 5-minute presentation of their topics and solutions that they will be implementing in schools.

6. May 19th – Workshop

·  3rd implementation feedback: Team report on the continued implementation of their action plans.

·  Preparation for the final presentation: Guide students on how to prepare their final presentations, emphasizing the importance of showcasing their accomplishments and lessons learned.

·  Feedback on the Workshop: Collect feedback from students about their experiences thus far, including what they’ve learned and any challenges they’ve faced.

June 5th – Teams Submissions

Teams submit video and presentation of their final projects.

7. June 23rd – Final Workshop

· Final Presentation: Each team delivers a 5-minute presentation summarizing their sustainable consumption initiatives and sharing results.