ul. Wojciecha Żywnego 25, 02-701 Warszawa
(22) 620-25-06

Organizatorzy TEDxCLV High School 2023

Maja Estkowska – Main Organizer, Co-host wydarzenia

Zofia Tarłowska – Head of Academics

Helena Góralczyk – Director for Human Resources, Co-host wydarzenia

Helena Ochotny – Deputy Director for Human Resources

Ina Kaczmarczyk – Director for Design 

Dominika Piłat – Head of Social Media

Bartek Oberle – Main Technician

Gabriela Grygiel – Tech Assistant

Michał Ząbek – Tech Assistant

Damian Kołodziejski – Tech Assistant

Igor Śmiałowski – Tech Assistant, Video Production

Miłosz Bętkowski – Photographer 

Maja Pitera – Head of Volunteers

Marysia Książek – Volunteer

Antonina Gierowska – Volunteer

Aleksandra Plewczyńska – Volunteer

Basia Ambrozik – Volunteer

Gabriela Brych – Volunteer

Speakerzy i ich tematy: 

Maja Gutowska – What if We Live in a Truman Show?

Ignacy Witer – What If World Borders Disappeared?

Blanka Dziawa – What If we changed the Polish schools grading system?

Katarzyna Zielińska – What If you were born in a different era? – daily lives of teenagers throughout various periods of time

Aleksander Ziajowski – What if I stayed at home? – why change in life matters?

Oliwia Sagan – What if we are the future?

Tymon Gałań – What if there was an all-encompassing sport? Tennis as the ultimate form of exercise

Anna Mroczkowska – What if our cities were designed in a better way?

Stanisław Piątek – What if chess has the power to shape your brain and elevate your thinking?

Justyna Gieżyńska – What If school taught us to be global superheroes?Andrea Gardner – What If education won’t be enough? – preparing for an unknown future in the Age of Artificial Intelligence