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Margaret and Jacob at Studniówka

Our Studniówka was nothing short of amazing, and a massive round of applause for our American friends who brought their energy to the dance floor! ! 🎉🕺💃 They dazzled on the dance floor and immersed themselves in our Polish prom traditions.

Read their firsthand impressions from the Studniówka night!

“My very first impression when I saw the venue was that it was going to be much fancier than prom in the US (and I was right). During my Prom back home, all that was provided to eat were mini pretzels and water. Here that could not be further from the case. The tables were filled with extravagant desserts and chocolate fountains. It really felt like a traditional European ball. While both prom experiences were fun, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to compare and contrast the cultural nuances between the two.”

                                                                                                                      Jacob Rubanov

„Studniówka beautifully reflects Polish culture through the well-rehearsed traditional dances performed, the unity of classmates, and the student excitement, lasting until 5am. The culture-rich event perfected all aspects of a true ball, from displaying wonderful group choreography as an opening, to exhibiting delicious snacks and treats, leaving everyone dancing until morning. Attending Studniówka is an unforgettable experience and witnessing such a unique and vibrant celebration revealed yet another layer of Polish culture!”

Margaret Hotopp